Saucer by Stephen Coonts

  (6 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorStephen Coonts
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Mikel Nesmith 
(Apr 04, 2003)

The story started off quick, which is what I like. You got to know the characters pretty quick too. By the third chapter it was hard to put the book down. Fun story, plausible, philosophical and not over done.
Great read.

Submitted by Gary 
(Jul 08, 2002)

I have read many of Coonts' other novels and have enjoyed them all. That's why I picked up Saucer. Even though it is a recent release, it feels as if it was written by a much younger writer (did he write this in high school?). The characters are very thin and two dimensional. The writing is shallow and feels like it is aimed more at young adults rather than mature readers -- except for the few cases of obscenities. The plot and the dialog are simple, cliched, and silly. Not what I expected at all from the author of Cuba. If you like intricate, mature, and interesting stories, try that one instead.

Submitted by Daniel E. CaJacob II 
(May 27, 2002)

Saucer is an Adventure novel that can be thoroughly enjoyed by Science Fiction fans, or visa versa.

When Rip Cantrell, an engineering student, stumbles across a flying saucer in the middle of the Shara, he is amazed. When the saucer's age is estimated at 140,000 years, Rip and his cohorts start to disbelieve. But when three seperate nations' militaries show up, trying to claim the saucer as their own, the chase is on...

With a beautiful, retired Air Force test pilot at the alien helm, she and Rip are chased around the globe by several nations and a ruthless billionaire. The technology they uncover in the saucer is breathtaking, but the most amazing discovery is the saucer's origin...

This is an awesome novel with a great plot. It is a rapid read, and the end will leave the reader very satisfied.

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