Beyond the Blue Moon by Simon Green

  (5 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorSimon Green
TitleBeyond the Blue Moon
SeriesHawk and Fisher
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Sam Borden
(Jan 03, 2001)

Beyond the Blue Moon is an excellent fantasy that is a sequel, of sorts, to the book, Blue Moon Rising. In this book, Green displays his incredible talent for writing gripping characters and engrossing settings. The book takes place many years after the first blue moon rose in the Forest Kingdom and Prince Rupert and Princess Julia, now known as Hawk and Fisher, Captains of the Guard in Haven, must come back to Forest Kingdom. The Forest Kingdom is now in turmoil after King Harald was murdered and a strange phenomena has returned to threaten the return of the Blue Moon. Upon arriving at the Forest Kingdom the court is expecting the Legendary heroes of the Demon War and instead they are given Hawk and Fisher, the toughest cops Haven has ever seen. The book is a must read for any fan of Blue Moon Rising or the Hawk & Fisher series. Unfortunately I found the book lacking slightly from the fun and excitement of Blue Moon Rising and some of the plot seemed to be a bit hurried and the religious overtones were a shock. I think the ending could have used another 50 to 100 pages to fill it out some more, but overall I enjoyed the book immensely and I think it should be a good read for those just picking it up for the first time, though I suggest reading Blue Moon Rising First to appreciate all the characters and history.

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