Embracing the Skull by Diana Kemp-Jones

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Book Information  
AuthorDiana Kemp-Jones
TitleEmbracing the Skull
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by A.M. Scott
(Nov 24, 2000)

Paranormal/romance novelist, Martine Jardin, and science fiction author, Diana Kemp-Jones, have teamed up to bring us the Destiny series. Embracing the Skull, their first literary work in this science fiction/paranormal series ‘explores the duality of good and evil set against two worlds, Earth and Nirvana’.

In the year 2004, earth as we know it ceases to exist. The catastrophic war of all wars has left earth ravaged as evil once again rears its head in an attempt to defeat all that is good. So few remain, but among them are the young woman Destiny van Kempen, her soul mate Brett Young, a child from Rome and a few others chosen to guide them to their goal.

Born of earth parents prior to this final nuclear holocaust, Destiny and newfound love Brett become aware of their true identities and the frightening duty before them. Before midnight, December 31, Destiny and Brett must open the portal for Earth’s chosen to escape to the safety of their home world Nirvana. Their journey is fraught with death and destruction as all that is evil attempts to stop them.

Embracing The Skull is a must read, and like me, you will be waiting in line for the next book in this series.

Interview by A.M. Scott - Author of The Prophecy Trilogies

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