Books of the heart by Clive Barker

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Book Information  
AuthorClive Barker
TitleBooks of the heart
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Dave Gilburd
(Dec 08, 2000)

It all started with a short story called "The Last Illusion". Well that's where it started for me, anyways. The story was about a P.I. who delved into the occult. The plot hinted at things which happened in said detectives past. It went into no detail. Later on in life I read "The Great and Secret Show". It was wonderful, the depth of the characters was phenominal, the plot very original, and the visuals, well if you read Barker's work you know about the visuals. The second book in the series was called "Everville", and it brought back a much loved character, Harry D'Amour. I finally got to find out what happened at the Lomax house which was briefly referred to in "Illusion". To say the least it was chilling. Now I hear news of a 3rd book of the art and a new short story, both including Harry D'Amour.

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