Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley

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Book Information  
AuthorRobin McKinley
TitleHero and the Crown
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Cat 
(Oct 05, 2005)

This book happened to fall into my hands somehow when i was still in grade school. The cover was, i thought at the time, unattractive, and when i read the summary in the back, it seemed to dark, or depressing. yet, i was bored and would read anything i could put my hands on, and the story ended up being one of my all time favourites, inspiring me in my writing even today. Mckinley brings to life one of my favourite heroines, one rich in depth and life. A lonely child growing up, Aerin has to face up to the snickers and whispers of her family, because of her mysterious mother believed to be an evil witch who died at the shock of baring Aerin, and not a boy. She craves her father the King's approval, and the respect of her cousins, so when her cousin, and childhood enemy, claims that she isnt royal or magical enought to survive touching the poisonous surka leaf, Aerin bites off and eats one. That she survived her dare was proof enough to be the worthy daughter of a king, but that came at a cost. she becomes gravely ill, and nearly dies. She becomes incredibly sensitive to magic, and is teased for her lack in magical abilities. Her path in recovering, not only body but in soul, envolved falling in love and taming her fathers lame but pride war horse. She would spend her time getting her horse strong again, sword fighting with her older cousin Tor, and only friend, and browsing old books. It was while browsing that she discovered an ointment that would help her shape a legend around her name for many dynasties! a fire proof ointment that would convince her to be invinceble to dragons! she becomes a dragon slayer, meanwhile begging her father to assist him in the fight against a new evil that arises in Damar (only to be denied!) On a most faithfull day, she hears of an old dragon who awakens, and even though she knows the dragon to be 100 times bigger than what she is used to, her stubborness is such that she defies her father and goes to slay the dragon. by some miracle she slays the dragon, but is mortally burned. Inches from death, she has a dream, where she hears a voice beconing her, begging for her to come before its too late. She drags herself out of bed to her horse, and takes off without a sound... leaving her city to face her ultimate destiny: one where she must choose between life and death; learn to finally use her magic; and face the ultimate vilian! Finding out the truth about her past, why she was born, and about her mother. Now she must face the man responsible for her mother's death, and save Damar, a land that didnt loved her to begin with! its a tale about determination, courage, and the desire to be respected and loved for who you are. its about following your destiny to the end, and earning your glory rightfully!

Submitted by Nathan 
(Apr 27, 2005)

This book is one of my personal favorites because it draws you in to a world of fantasy with beautifully developed characters. You get to know the main character so well you find yourself becoming giddy at her successes and, at her downfalls, reading on late into the night to see how the problems will be resolved. It's a great book for any fantasy lover.

Submitted by Nidya 
(Sep 16, 2002)

A wonderful prequel to "The Blue Sword", you must read this novel. It's exciting, with wonderful characters, and a little bit of everything combined for a perfect mix of dragons, magic, attitude, and everything fantasy. You have to read this book to know!

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