Dulcinea by Shalanna Collins

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AuthorShalanna Collins
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by jasolin.ext@com 
(Aug 17, 2001)

This book is really good. It's sort of a mix of Lord of the Rings and Diana Wynne Jones and Anne McCaffrey. If you like teenage wizards and dragons you should read this book.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Jul 31, 2001)

This is a very enjoyable book, with an intelligent heroine and a very cool hero. The plot is that the Mages are trying to get dragons, but that will destroy the world. The heroine Dulcinea has to use flute magic to defeat them. The book has lots of magic, dragons and fantasy. If you like good fantasy not just the usual stuff, you will love this book. Shallana Collins has a great way of writing, that really pulls you in and doesn't let go of your mind until the book is over. I read it in two sittings, then got up and told my mother to please read it. She loved it also.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Jul 17, 2001)

This book is a real smorgasbord (in the spirit of it, I'm using advanced words) of interesting ideas and plot. It's funny, smart, scary, imaginative and original. Other reviewers do a better job describing the plot than I could, so I'll settle for talking about Dulcinea, Raz, and Mr. Brown. Dulcinea is smart and brave, very cool-headed but not too perfect or anything. Raz is SO sexy, very kind and interesting. Mr. Brown is not as cool as Raz or Dulcinea, but is still a great character, and it's interesting to see a novel where the heroine's dad is also having adventures. I hope that Ms. Collins gets the sequel published. I would love to read the book "Dulcinea's Dragon." I recommend this book to everyone.

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