Tangled up in Blue by Joan Vinge

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Book Information  
AuthorJoan Vinge
TitleTangled up in Blue
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by rodney powell 
(Oct 30, 2001)

thank you Joan Vinge for returning me to one of my favorite
worlds of SF, Tiamat. This sf novel skillfully combines the seedy nature of film
noir and dazzling imagination of far future sf as she tells us a gripping story of
corruption, murder and intrigue that threatens a interstellar civilization!Hegemonic
cop, Nyx Laistree and his partners are vigilante cops who destroy property of
criminals who are above the law but one of their raids go wrong and they are all
killed except for Tree who loses his memory in the attack. He is suspended from
the force and must try to figure out what happen that night.Tree only allies are
by-the book sergeant Gundhalinu who hates him and mysterious shapeshifter
prostitute with her own agenda.this novel is filled with scenes of deception and
characters who motives no one can be sure of. This leads to a thrilling climax and
final denoucement against the villians.Vinge's world-building skills are still
amazing as she takes us once again to her beautiful world of Tiamat with the
ruthless Snow Queen, the honorable Hegemonic police, the sinister crime lord
called the source! Gripping entertainment not to be missed!

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