Johnny and the dead by Terry Pratchett

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Book Information  
AuthorTerry Pratchett
TitleJohnny and the dead
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Anonymous 
(Jun 09, 2013)

The story starts with Johnny a twelve-year-old boy going through the cemetery as a shortcut to reach his home. His best friend, Wobbler, thinks it\'s spooky. In the cemetery, Johnny meets Alderman Thomas Bowler (one of the dead). Johnny then realizes that he can see, talk to, and hear the dead. Later, Johnny then meets all the dead and then Johnny and the gang (including the dead) are discussing the council\'s sale of Blackbury\'s neglected cemetery to a faceless conglomerate who plan to build offices on it. Various dead citizens, led by a former town councillor, ask Johnny, the only person who can see them, to help stop it.

While Johnny, helped by his semi-believing friends, tries to find evidence of famous interees and speaks out at community meetings, the Dead begin to take an interest in the modern day, and realise they are not, as they believed, trapped in the cemetery.

By the end of the book the council is forced to back down, but the Dead no longer care because the day of judgment comes. However, the town\'s living residents have, thanks to the campaigning of Blackbury volunteers, rediscovered the cemetery as a link to their past. As one of the Dead pts it \"The living must remember, and the dead must forget.\"

I think the way the author addreses us with that the dead should be respected and the really good ideas put in the the book and very fun and detailed , overall i rate this book 9.5/10

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Jun 06, 2005)

‘Johnny and the Dead’ is an amazingly witty book that shows off Pratchett’s true talent. The strong story line of a brave youth that can see and talk to the dead complements the comical humour and gripping actions of the play. Not surprisingly, Johnny’s friends don’t believe him at first, but his outstanding courage shines through and he manages to save the cemetery with a little help.
Johnny Maxwell, a twelve-year-old boy battles against all odds to save his new friends’ homes and he’s got bad news for them; the council wants to sell the cemetery as a building site for new company, United Amalgamated Consolidated Holdings. But the dead are not going to take this lying down, having learned a thing or two from Johnny and it being Halloween the next day.
They find themselves beginning to see life is a lot more enticing beyond the graveyard than it was when they were living, especially if they bend a few of the rules.
This proves a heavy challenge for Johnny, as he has to cater for the individuals’ needs and mind them, at the same time as trying to save the cemetery in various ways. When the pressure gets too much, his friends stick by him, even when they think he’s gone mad!
Amusingly, Terry Pratchett uses his wicked sense of humour to hilarious affect in this fantasy story, loosely based on real events about Westminster in the decade from 1980 to 1989, when the council sold three cemeteries as building land for 15p.

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