Tricksters Queen by Tamora Pierce

  (158 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorTamora Pierce
TitleTricksters Queen
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Eilidh KJ - Age 13 
(Jan 10, 2010)

This book is great. I love the story line and all the characters. The story is focused on the brewing Raka rebelion and the adventure of Aliane Cooper (Aly). There were bits that made me smile, laugh and I was even a bit scared at times. I couldn't put it down, until it dissapeared a few nights ago. I can't wait to read the rest and am off to search for it now! ;) I rate all I've read so far a 20 out of 10, except the character list at the end (Princess Imajane is the King from the first one's daughter, not sister). Over all it's a realy good book and I would recommend it to amybody who likes fantasy stories.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Oct 06, 2009)

This is a very good book. It continues trickster's chioce both by Tamora Pierce. It is about raka people. Plus it is about a pretty noble girl named aly who wants to be a spy. She train other people to be her spy group and do good things. She is a very good actress. She is also pretty.The book is thick. It is long. it took me and my other girlfriends a very long time to read it.

Submitted by Taran 
(Jan 25, 2008)

Tricksters Queen by Tamora Peirce is a book centered on the rising of the Raka people against the Luarin Crown. The Raka are the colored people in The royal city of The Copper Isles called Rajmuat. Aly is posing as a maid of the bailitangs when really she is the spymaster of the rebellion brewing right underneath the very noses of the crown. Aly is the last peice in the prophecy that Kyprioth (the Trickster and patron God of the Raka) gave to the Raka before he was dethroned by the Luarin Sun God and the Moon Goddess. The rebellion methodically works to overthrow the monarch through manipulation of their violent behaviors and predictable actions.

This creative fantasy would be recommendable to all teen readers because it has all the things that teens who actually read look for. Things like adventure, intrigue and compelling intelligence. It also has that rebellious edge that a lot of teens thrive on. It may be because of our natural desire to be independent and rebel against the rules that society pushes on us, but teens enjoy rebelling and Tricksters Queen provides that rebellion. This is an amazing read that is hard to put down and when it is over it is always worth reading again.

The story seems to focus not on a humans fickle nature, but lingers mostly on the the rights of all humans to be treated equally and the importance of common courtesy and personal integrity. Dove, the chosen queen, is the picture of intelligence and morality. The whole rebellion tries to be as civil about bringing an entire government to the ground as possible. Tamora does an excellent job creating a clear line of what is right and wrong and how to punish wrongs without becoming that which they are punishing.

The characters in this book were all very unique and had personalities of their own. Tamora Peirce represents them well with her descriptions of their reactions to events and their comments. For example Countess Genore Tomang sniffs and lifts her nose in the air when Sarai comes into the house after going for a horse ride with her hair down. She was represented as a snob and with very old fashioned morals and codes of conduct. Many of the characters were individuals and seemed to be very real.

Tamora Peirce has a bright past and hopefully a very bright future. It will be very interesting to read her next novel. Her complex tales woven through a false history will never cease to enthrall my greedy eyes as I eagerly flip through her newest creation.

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