Song of Susannah by Stephen King

  (17 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorStephen King
TitleSong of Susannah
SeriesDark Tower, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Darren Burn 
(Mar 01, 2005)

Book six takes up where book 5 left us hanging... the fate of Susannah/Mia. Roland and the rest of the group must find her and follow her... but they also have another task, and person they must find and talk to. First, they must protect the Rose by any means necessary, and second, they must find Susannah and somehow make sure she survives the delivery of her chap.

The group is split, with some on the first task and some on the second. The first group must convince Calvin Tower to sell the lot the Rose is growing on, and in the course of their task we find that somehow Stephen King has managed to work himself into the story as a character. He did it well, it fits quite nicely.

The second group must follow Susannah/Mia's tracks. They have an interesting time and meet some unusual characters. Throughout the book, there are always just a little bit behind.

We find that Mia is a person in her own right, not a portion of Susannah's personality. She has an interesting history of her own. During the course of this discovery, we learn much about the origins of the macroverse, and what will happen if the Tower falls.

This is a short book as things go, at least it seemed like one. Much is explained, and things that must be done later on in the quest for the Tower are laid out. Do NOT read through it too quickly, or much will be missed.

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