Burning Hearth of Night by Ivan Cat

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Book Information  
AuthorIvan Cat
TitleBurning Hearth of Night
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Rodney Powell 
(Aug 03, 2002)

Ivan Cat bursted on the sf scene a few years ago with the unforgettable and chilling space opera:eyes of light and darkness.Finally after a few years he gives us his second novel.
This one of the most involving and gripping sf adventures I've ever read.Burning heart of Light is story of planet in peril and the unexpected visitor to that planet who becomes the planet's savior. Lindal Karr,a pilot to his living seedship Long Detail battles a deadly saboteur on his ship and must crashland on the beautiful but deadly island planet of New Ascension and sets immense ocean ablaze! New Ascension, a lost colony world harbors a terrifying secret:a horrible virus called The Scourge affects all of the life-forms but especially the human inhabitants who in their fear of dying enslaves the sentient species called Khafra and drained them of their immune venom which saves lives of the humans but it kills the khafra!This horrible process is called the Sacrament.One of the ones who is trying to find a cure to this disease and stop the killing of the Khafra is rebellious daughter of the colony's leader:Jenette Tesla and her faithful khafra servant Arrou. Jennette and Karr must form alliance to stop the war between the Khafras and the humans and seek a cure to Scourge.Cat's world-building skills are incredible as he takes you step by step into this beautiful but terrifying planet as beings both human and nonhuman seek the survival of their species at all costs.This novel asks the question does one species have the right to destroy another for it's on survival.The action sequences in this novel are wonder to behold as Cat describes brutal battle scenes between humans and Khafra and race of mutant and mad khafra on the planet.Characters in this novel are delight like Lindel Karr the aloof pilot who must rely on others to save his ship and maybe his life on hostile planet.Jenette Tesla-the brave young woman torn between helping the Khafras and saving her fellow humans.Tlalok-the warlike khafra who seek to destroy the humans and who has a special hatred toward Karr who killed his mate. Arrou-loyal domesticated Khafra who must help Jenette and Karr even if it means going against his own kind.
Olin Tesla-Jenette's father and leader of the colony who seeks to save the humans but doesn't care how many khafras die in the process!Incredible epic far future sf novel propels to the 47th century and to a world of beauty and danger!

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