Ring of Five Dragons by Eric Lustbader

  (8 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorEric Lustbader
TitleRing of Five Dragons
SeriesPearl Saga
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by DarkRamoth 
(Jul 19, 2002)

When this book came out in hardcover, my fingertips itched to grab it, but I held off. I love soft cover books. I love abusing them. And that's just what I did with this book. A four hour delay at the Atlanta International Airport made it possible for me to get half way through the book, when I had expected to whet my apptetite and be forced to put it away not far into it. Anyways, The story was grand. The setting is rich and different from any I've experienced. The two species in the story seem so different, but as the central characters realise through their journey, the differences are simply a matter of perception. As the reader, I bonded especially to the main character, an heir to a great fortune that escapes being killed by being submerged into the body of a young girl of a totally different race. The concept of the two working together, and the many twists and turns, the constant deceptions and misplaced trusts, makes this read very interesting and fast paced. If you're not careful, you'll find your mind spinning. As the first book, this was great. I can't wait to read more. Destiny, as I imagine it, is never easy.

Submitted by Rodney Powell 
(Dec 03, 2001)

One of the signs of a great writer is the ability to write something totally different from what you are
familar with.Lustbader the man who wrote so thrilling Nicholas Linnear ninja books returns to fantasy
in this lavish epic fantasy series called the Pearl. He takes us to the world of Kundalan where it's
inhabitants have been enslaved for over a century by the brutal offworld empire of the V'ornn.The
Kundalan people who use traditional sorcery and religion see their society undermined from within by
evil forces who seek to stop their use of magic.The only hope they have is prophecy of a messiah, The
Dar Sala-at who is the only person who can wield the magic powerful enough to save their world! I
was totally immersed in this epic saga! Lustbader's world-building skills are tremendous as he takes
you step by step into his wondrous world in a story that is equal parts Dune and Wheel of Time.You
will watch as scenes of machivellian intrigues among the ruling V'ornn and religious Kundalann people
as betrayal and treachery are the norms of this war-torn planet.And you will be shocked by the sinister
powers of Gyrgon, the mysterious rulers of the V'ornn.
The characters come alive on through the pages of the epic saga:the twin sisters, Giyan and Batta
who's destinies with the Dar Sala-at will put them at odds with each other.Eleusis Ashera, the
kind-hearted V'ornn regent who's forward thinking policies for the planet seals his doom.The evil
Wennn Stogggul, Ashera's most hated rival on the planet.and last but not least, Annon Ashera, Eleusis
son, who's transformation will will decide the fate of this world!So pick up this book and be prepare to
enter a realm of adventure, romance and intrigue that you will never forget!

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