Sparrows Flight by Curtis Craddock

  (4 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorCurtis Craddock
TitleSparrows Flight
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Rodney Powell 
(Mar 18, 2002)

I was truly in awe of the story-telling ability of Craddock as he spin a saga of herorism under fire and two unlikely heroes: Sparrow-arrogant young nobleman and Kisha-blind swordswoman and princess who is haunted by a single act of cowardice.Both of them are flawed individuals who must conquer their own personal demons to save their homelands from a terrifying invasion of the host of the immortal Hezra-thrall and his army which is fueled by the darkest of magic.Few epic fantasies will stir you as Craddock's vividly described scenes of bloody battles and sieges as you watch Hezda-thrall's sorcerer, Durthe who raises the dead to battle our heroes and Frost his unstoppable swordsmaster who can defeat whole armies by himself! Craddock's superior world-building skills shine on every page of this novel as you will really will care what happens to the characters of this war-torn world. Kisha is the most memorable warrior woman I seen since Moon's Paksnarrion and Sparrow will surprise as he grows from spoil young man to a true hero who seeks to help others. Craddock's credit that he can write sweeping stand-alone epic fantasy complete with truly chilling evil in Hezda-thrall and abominations as he spreads his soul-corrupting curse to plague the land and terrifying monsters that Durthe creates with his twisted dark magic.So take a flight of the imagination with two unforgettable heroes!

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