Watchmen by Alan Moore

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AuthorAlan Moore
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Karl Steinel 
(Jan 19, 2002)

Quite possibly the best work of science fiction ever!!!

Alan Moore's twelve part comic mini-seris is nothing short of sheer perfection. The story takes place in the 80's - things are diffrent though being a super hero is illegal unless you work for the government and the united states is on the brink of nuclear war with russia. To top it all off the United States has a god like man under there control.

Wathcmen displays the foolishness of government the struggle for peace and the widespread fear of a nuclear holocost.

If you have never read it before I suggest that you do yourself a favor and read it before you do any thing else

Submitted by Rorschach 
(Dec 07, 2001)

While not technically "fantasy" or "science-fiction", one can still look at the series "Watchmen" by Alan Moore and find elements of both in it. The set of comics (which can be found in one compilation) is Moore at his best: in a world where super-heroes have been a fact of life for several decades, the murder of the government-employed hero known as "The Comedian" attracts the roving eye of the last vigilante left, a psychotic under the pseudonym of "Rorschach". He visits retired vigilantes, and current ?crime-fighters?, which are now employed by the government. He strives to find the answer to his question: Who's killing the masks?

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