Taliesin by Stephen Lawhead

  (16 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorStephen Lawhead
SeriesThe Pendragon Cycle
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Michelle 
(May 29, 2005)

I am currently on book three of the Pendragon Cycle by Stephen Lawhead and I could not help but notice the poetic imagery in the first book, Taliesin. Atlantis leaps off the pages for me to see and hear, and I can smell the exciting earthy smells of the Cymri holdings. Through Stephen Lawhead's ingenious use of words I can hear the strong clear voice of our hero, and feel the tension of my muscles as I am swept into Chariss' last bull-dance. I have a bad habit of coveting any lore, history, and fantasy pertaining to the reign of the fabled King Artorius (Arthur), but this book surpasses them all. Arthur is only seen in snippets of visions, and never identified by name, but he is the bright ray slashing through the darkness. This book has something for everyone... Mystery, intrigue, murder, loyalty, travel, fantasy, dialect... and not least of all LOVE. Indeed, a most excellent read. Make sure you have a box of tissues handy throughout, it is a very touching story.

Submitted by Robert 
(Mar 28, 2005)

I loved Taliesin. The beginning is a little hard to get into but after the introductory this book gets very good. I love the plot and all the murder!

I am reading Taliesin for class literature studies. For all people who don't know who Stephen Lawhead is he is aa great and very talented writer. Very good description. This book is full of mystery and suspence which is great!

Submitted by Josh
(Sep 10, 2000)

I was surprised when I saw that NO one had written a review on Steven R. Lawhead's book, Taliesin, first in the Pendragon Series. :-)

I found this book extremely entertaining and a very good read. This is the first time I have read anything related to the Arthurian/ post Atlantis Period, and very glad to have read this particular book. Mr. Lawhead gives very good structure to his writing and the plot is very cool. The only thing I was slightly disapointed in was his character development. I didn't feel I knew the characters that well after I finished the book. But don't let that turn you off to this book. I went out and bought the rest of the series. I'm currently reading Merlin( The next in the series) which is written in a first person view. Thanks for reading, I'm done. :-p

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