Avalon: The Return of King Arthur by Stephen Lawhead

  (7 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorStephen Lawhead
TitleAvalon: The Return of King Arthur
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Michelle 
(Aug 28, 2005)

Stephen Lawhead gave forth a very good attempt at the modern day story of King Arthur, and succeeded marvelously well. However, I was able to set the book down, which isn't something I'm used to doing with one of Lawhead's books. I read all the way through the Pendragon Cycle (5 books) and when i got done with one, if I didn't already have the next book I would rush out to the bookstore (or, more often than not, stew until the store opened the next day) to get it. I had to tear myself from those books to eat and sleep and work. The book Avalon WAS an excellent read, but all it took was to get to the extremely tedious and often plain boring chapters sequencing the "PM"'s indignation and unrighteous anger for me to set it aside to do something/ anything else. I will read and reread this book for many years to come, but I (personally) do not believe that it measured up to the extremely high standard Stephen Lawhead set in the 5 books of the cycle preceding this book. All negativity aside, I did especially love the glimpses of Morgian and Gwenhwyvar, and all the fantastic memories James had. Merlin was a hoot, and while Cal was a little different than I imagined, he was a very good character that you could not help but fall in love with. Cai and Cal managed to be the same person and also very different at the same time, and I find that amazing. I raise my cup to you Sir Lawhead, and offer you the first drink!

Submitted by Meg 
(Feb 15, 2004)

This was an amazing book. I am a huge fan of Arthurian legend and this modern day telling of the reincarnation is something I will read over and over again. Lawhead's diction is amazing, allowing the reader to see, hear, taste, and in some cases touch the things he is describing. He is an amazing writer and I am looking forward to reading the rest of his books. This book has become an old friend. It is an experience in and of itself reading it.

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