The High Lord by Trudi Canavan

  (114 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorTrudi Canavan
TitleThe High Lord
SeriesBlack Magician Trilogy
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by ndalamo tharage 
(Jan 08, 2010)


I love the book but the fact that Akkarin dies was a huge blow that was the first time a book made me cry and I mean cry I read those few chapters of akkarin and sonea every night I think that trudi canavan is a remarkable author and I think her black magician series should be put into film production and im positive it will take on harry potter, twilight saga and all those other best sellers because the books would make for good film especially the high lord as it is moving yet intense and intriguing and evokes mixed emotions and makes u more alert.

Submitted by nicola 
(Jul 02, 2008)

I really really liked this book (well all three actually) but the high lord was without a doubt the best. its odd though because i usually don't like fantasy novels, but this book is an exception its amazing there are so many things that happen in the plot you are not exactly sure what will happen next, like i didn't think sonea would fall in love with akkarin, because you know at the beggining she hated him and was shocked that other novices found him attractive. im glad that cery was mentioned alot more and you found out what he was up to atlast. i would recommend this book( all three) because there is something in the plot for everyone , whether you like fighting or romance and is great reading, i couldn't put it down and have read it about 4 times. also trudi canavan is a great author which definately helps.i was dissapointed (only slightly) with the ending. i couldn't believe it stopped there and also hate when characters die, but it was still an amazing book one you shold definately read.

Submitted by Nancy 
(Sep 05, 2007)

I am a major fantasy reader. My favorite author is Terry Goodkind and I have not felt that any author has come close to his work, that is, until now. I happened upon The Black Magician Trilogy when killing time in a local bookstore. I purchased The Magicians' Guild because it looked interesting. I read it in two days. I then went back and purchased the remaining two books having finished The High Lord this past Tuesday. Having time to digest the story line and plot I highly recommend this book alongside the entire trilogy. I do believe that Trudi went into more detail in The Novice and I was able to get a better sense of whom Sonea really was but if someone were to pick up The High Lord they would be missing a bit of the character. I have to admit that I was disappointed with the ending b because it did not feel final. There were too many doors opened at the end, which makes one feel that Sonea’s story will be more, then a trilogy. I would like to see a deeper character development and an explanation on why characters are introduced at points in the story. It seems a bit unclear. For example the last big battle many characters throughout the book showed up but I wasn't sure what their purpose was.
I hope to see a fourth book...wishful thinking for a trilogy!

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