The Gift by Alison Croggon

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Book Information  
AuthorAlison Croggon
TitleThe Gift
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Jay 
(Jun 24, 2013)

This book is great as it never bores the reader, as something is always happening whether its meeting Cadvan or fighting the Hulls, Alison constantly surprises the reader with the different emotions and feelings of Maerad on her journey where she discovers a friend and a family member she thought she lost. As a reader we are hooked on the smallest details and the foreshadowing of Maerad discovering who she is and more importantly discovering her destiny. We are constantly surprised and as such the ending is a surprise as we don’t expect the ‘Heart of the White Flame’ to be corrupted. Alison Croggon wants to keep the reader on edge, and she succeeds throughout the book. The Gift is a defiantly worth reading.

Submitted by Milana 
(Sep 13, 2010)

The Gift, which is also known as The Naming, is a popular fantasy novel by Alison Croggon. It follows Maerad, a young yet Gifted girl with Bardic powers. She lives as a slave until she is found by Cadvan, an experienced Bard who is amazed by her natural power. He takes her to what she thinks is safety, but along the way Maerad discovers that the good Bards, like Cadvan, who follow the Light, are about to go to war with the Dark forces of the Nameless One. To Maerad's horror, she is recognized as the Chosen One who will defeat the Dark. Although Maerad is strong, she is ignorant and confused. Under the guidance of Cadvan she learns about her powers and hears of the Treesong, a magical but mysterious musical force that she is foretold to discover. The only thing Maerad discovers is a brother whom she had long thought dead. Although Maerad and her brother, Hem, are parted, Maerad is ready to fight for the Light. So, her adventure to discover the Treesong begins in a magical but dangerous world while her brother is taken to Suderain in the South.
The book is written in a very descriptive poetry-like fashion and is often accompanied by songs and poems that Maerad discovers. The descriptions of the many places she visits are vivid and the characters are very realistic and passionate.
The book is very engaging and is a perfect example of modern fantasy.

Submitted by Anonymous 
(Oct 21, 2006)

This is attually my favourite books. Her poetic talent is obvious in this beautiful book. The book begins in Gilmans Cot, a young girl names Maerad (My-rad) lives there as a slave and feels herself losing all hope in possible escape. Then along comes Cadvan, mysterious, charming and dark. He whisks her away into a world full of magic and intrigue. I must admit when i first saw this book and read the blurb i thought it was just a rubbish author having a crack at the fantasy genre, i couldn't be more wrong. I can't believe how underated Alison Croggon and her books are! They surpass Harry Potter by far. In parts i find myself crying and others having a leaping feeling in my belly. (Cadvan is so charming) This book is deep. Croggon isn't afraid to add in subjects that aren't expected to be in the Childrens/Young Adult sect. (Loving older men/Death/Horrific pasts and scenes) I'm telling you.. I just cannot believe this book isn't as popular as it should be. It just hasn't had the chance to shine. Please people pick up this book.

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