The Shadow In The North by Phillip Pullman

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Book Information  
AuthorPhillip Pullman
TitleThe Shadow In The North
SeriesSally Lockhart Trilogy
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Anonymous 
(Dec 16, 2005)

This book flows on from the last. Sally is now older and a buisness women and deals with the financial side of 'Lockhart and Garland'. Life was at ease until Sally got a visit from a cilient who lost her money investing in a shipping agencey with Sally's advice. At the same time Jim Taylor is saving the famous wizard of the north from murder. It works out that the same man Axel Bellmann sank the ship which Sally's cileint invested money in. He also is the one trying to kill the wizard. As you read on more and more unravels. More and more people are involed and willing to give information to help sovle the case. Along the way in this book more happens than than just the case. Jim falls in love with the pretty Lady Mary and Sally is tries to dinie her love for Fred. One night Sally decides to let her feelings for Fred out. They are acepted by Fred at once and he once more askes her to marry him. This time she says yes. there is not alot of time to celeabrate because the evil Axel Bellmann has set the house alight. Sadly Fred doesn't make it in atemp to save a girl in the house. Pullman managed to write such words so to make the reader purly sad and in tears. This book is well writen and has a wonderful plot. Pullman really managed to make you feel for the charaters. This book is excellent and i recomend it to all.

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