Sanctuary by Lynn Abbey

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Book Information  
AuthorLynn Abbey
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Rob Roy 
(Jan 19, 2005)

I thought this book was great. As a huge fan of the original Thieves World series I was so glad to see this book on the shelf. This book can be read by fans of the original series or someone who has never heard of the original series. The story revolves around a character named Cauvin. Cauvin had been kidnapped by the Bloody Hand and subjected to thier torturous ways in his youth, when the cult took over the city. He was one of the few saved when Molin Torchholder raised forces to cleanse the city of the evil cult of the blood goddess Dyreela. Once saved he is adopted by a stoneyard owner and many years pass, but the nightmares of what had happened to him and others still haunt him.

On a fateful day, he comes upon a man being beaten and saves him. It is Molin Torchholder himself. Old and weak not only from age, but from casting a spell which both saved and essentially ended his life the previous night. Cauvin takes Molin, against Cauvin's will, to an abandon estate. Molin is believed dead by the city and he wishes it to remain that way, for the Hand have risen in Sanctuary once more. He will be much more effective in bringing them down once more, if they think he is dead. He makes Cauvin his heir, to his knowldege and his fortune and to continue his work. Cauvin does not believe the Hand have returned and is reluctant to say the least, to become Molins student and heir. Molin tells the tale of Sanctuary to Cauvins half brother Becvar and basically informs readers unfamiliar with the original Thieves World series of what has transpired in the past. Cauvin completes some tasks for the dying Torcholder, with some surprising events happening and eventually must face what he fears the most. The book is very well written and any fan of Thieves World will surely enjoy it. It is also a great place to get aquainted with the legendary city if you are new to the world of Thieves World.

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