The TommyKnockers by Stephen King

  (21 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorStephen King
TitleThe TommyKnockers
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Rebekah 
(Jun 29, 2008)

Tommyknockers is an engaging fictional piece of material. It is basically the typical alien invader story. However, the way in which they come about is very original.

Bobby, a 37 year old woman in a rural Maine town, literally stumbles over the ship. At first it is not known what it is, but we know it is not normal forest debris by the increasingly bad effects it has on it's surroundings after just the tip is uncovered.

When the broken down, drunk poet, Gardner, shows up to see if Bobby is okay, things have already progressed at an astonishing rate. What follows is a fast paced story of uncovering a buried spaceship and the lengths at which a small town will go to keep it's secret until the time is right.

Underneath all of the astonishing and violent acts, carried out by the townsmen and the 'shed people', is a tragic story of friendship and redemption. There is no typical hero in this story. Every character has a flaw, but you end up caring for the characters who try to fight the ending that fate seems to have dealt to them and the ones they love. There are many interweaving stories in this tale, as Stephen King puts you into the minds of the whole town. However, the decaying friendship of Bobby and Gardner, and his wavering determination to do the right thing, is the one that will keep you reading after you should have gone to bed.

This is one of my favorite books of all time. I still get moved when I read some of the pages and I would recommend all sci-fi lovers to take this one up when you can. For everyone else, it is just a really good read!

Submitted by Frank 
(Feb 02, 2005)

One of King's best...It made a terrible movie, but never mind most of his truly great books do. A true SciFi work about the discovery of a long buried space craft and the ghosts it contains within, this harrowing story is both original and unforgettable.
A small town woman with a burned-out alcholic husband discovers what turns out to be just the tip of a gigantic, ancient buried space ship but far from being just a relic this ship is both haunted and alive drinking life itself and changing forever the lives of those who are touched by it.
The plot moves slowly at first as one by one the inhabitants of a small town are eigther subverted or subdued by the ancient power of the ship, but accellerates to an explosive climax.
Such a shame that no director including King can ever get one of his books to translate well to screen.
Regardless, forget the moview, buy the book, especially if you love good SciFi.

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