Midnight Blue Sonya by Nancy Collins

  (3 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorNancy Collins
TitleMidnight Blue Sonya
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Rodney Powell 
(Aug 20, 2001)

If Buffy is the slayer and Anita Blake is the executioner then Sonya Blue is the vampire terminator!
You will get that assumption when you finished the unforgettable epic dark fantasy book chronicling
the bloody exploits of one Sonya Blue a young woman who once a rich young heiress by the name
of Denise Thorne until she was raped and drained of blood by a vicious vampire by the name of
Morgan.Now as Sonya blue she hunts down other vampires hoping to find and destroy Morgan. She
must also contend with her alter-ego a sadist demon called the Other that shares her mind and who
gains pleasures from killing and pain.In the first book:Sunglasses after dark.You first meet Sonya as
she escapes from a mental hospital and battles a sinister lady televangelist who also is a telepath. She
tells you in her own words on how she became a vampire and how she decides to hunt other
vampires called pretenders and their human psychic slaves called renfields.The second book:In the
Blood sonya with the aid of private eye goes after Morgan.This book gives you more of
understanding of Sonya and her terrifying world that invisible to normal humans.A world of
vampires,demons, werewolves and succubus.The last book:Paint it Black Sonya finally accepts
herself as a vampire as she continues her vendetta against Morgan.Collins has introduces us to
unforgettable heroine who is witty and sexy,violent and who still holds our sympathies even after she
commits shocking deeds.She also gives a some great characters like private eye-Palmer who agrees
to help sonya is her battles and soon regrets it.Anise-the doomed vampire/hybrid who used by
Morgan is his attempts to create a master race of vampires.Pangloss-the powerful vampire who
made Morgan and now seeks to destroy him.Lethe-the daughter of Anise who transformation will
change the world.Collins's Sonya Blue novels are the best dark fantasy since Anita Blake series and
filled gruesome scenes of monsters,magic and menace as Sonya takes us guide tour of her frightening

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