Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

  (25 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorAnne Rice
TitleInterview with the Vampire
SeriesVampire Chronicles
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Eulalia 
(Aug 17, 2005)

I really don't seem to find the words to describe this book. It's so amazing, so hypnotizing... And I'm quite surprised, because there are reviews for the Chronicles, but why isn't there any for the first book?

I think it's a very important book, not only for me, but for the Chronicles. Being the first book in the series, is, to put it simple, a door to this world.

As Rice's style is, in this book you'll certainly find lots of beautiful, deep characters. And surely you'll fall in love with, at least, one of them.

'Interview with the Vampire' is the first step to all the misteries you'll discover later, as you read the rest of this wonderful series. Just discover Louis, Lestat (-The way Louis sees him-), Claudia, Madeleine... Just get to know them for the first time; I'm sure you'll love it and want more... I highly recommend it to everyone.

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