Messiah Node by Lyda Morehouse

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AuthorLyda Morehouse
TitleMessiah Node
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(Nov 30, 2003)

I have just read Messiah Node and am disappointed to find out that I must wait another 3 month till her last book in the series, Apocalyse Array, comes out.
The first two were Archangel Protocol and Fallen Host.

The book leads you onto a riveting storyline, and allows you to view the story from four different perspectives. As chapters progress, you experience the adventure through the eys of an ex-army officer, a criminal hacker (one of the best), a fallen archangel (the Michel!) and an AI inside the 'LINK'. The LINK is a world wide interactive internet connected through everyone's forehead. It is totally free and accessable to everyone, but to have it means you can be followed, watched, controlled and even recorded through your own eyes. The good side is that everything is automated and hunger, crime and other ordinary life stuff are fixed by the 'node' you wear in your head.

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