Rat2Rap by Derek Smith

  (8 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorDerek Smith
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Bill Shaw 
(Apr 18, 2004)

An alien entity has been poised at the edge of the Milky Way for millennia, watching, waiting for humankind to pose a new threat to his race. The entity is terrified of the potential of its weapon but more afraid of humans. While unknowingly investigating the alien's recently discovered but disguised weapon a diverse group is caught in the tyrannical plans of the rich to lay claim to an entire new galaxy. If they do the entity will have no choice but to unleash the weapon.
I read Rat2rap after reading the author's new book Spire City which I really enjoyed.
Rat2rap is a little different to Spire it is unique view of the near future. The story never stalls right up to the shocking ending. The humans run down their chosen paths oblivious to the threat of the alien. Every move they make brings their destiny closer.

Submitted by Leon Ryan 
(Jan 27, 2002)

I chose this book because of the strange title but it turned out to be very good. Basically an alien entity has been poised at the edge of the Milky Way for millenia,watching and waiting for humans to pose a new threat to his race. While investigating the alien's ultimate weapon the people in the story are unwittingly helping create the conditions for the weapons use. They are also helping a group of rich guys and church leaders steal a whole galaxy.

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