Fire Logic by Laurie J. Marks

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Book Information  
AuthorLaurie J. Marks
TitleFire Logic
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Rob Roy 
(Mar 02, 2005)

I had never heard from anyone who had read this book and actually I still do not know anyone else who has read it. After checking out the back cover on many occasions, I decided to give it a shot.

I really like this book. The author really sucks you into her world without being boring and over descriptive. Her characters are likable and realistic.

The tale revolves around a society named Shaftal, that is lead by an Earth mage, referred to as the G'deon,(magic is based around the elements-earth, air,water and fire), who has power beyond any other. His power and rule keep the enemy, the Sainnites, from attacking thier society. The book opens with the mage deathly ill and dying within the first chapter, naming no successor. The sainnites take advantage of this and attack the house of Lilterwess, the center of rule, killing all who inhabit the capital. The story shifts to a girl who's people live in isolated peace in the mountains and come to trade with the people of Shaftal. The girls name is Zanja and she is powerless to get her people to prepare themselves for the eventual invasion from the Sainnnites. The invasion comes and her people are slaughtered. She alone is alive, but is inprisoned with a broken back. We meet the next character, Karis, the half giant blacksmith, who is an earth mage and a drug addict. Her drug is called smoke. If you contunue to do smoke, you will die and if you stop you will die. Through her magic, she feels Zanja and knows that she must seek her out and save her. Together with her familiar, a large crow, she sets out to save Zanja, who she has never met. She finds Zanja and rescues her, using her earth magic to heal her. On the return trip to Meartown, where Karis resides, they encounter Norina. Norina is Karis's protecter and is upset to say the least at Karis's dissapearance and her venturing into Sainnite territory to save a stranger. Zanja is not told anything, but she knows there is a mystery that surrounds her savior. Norina sends Karis back to Meartown and puts Zanja into the service of Emil, leader of the south hill Paladins. She is not trusted by the other paladins and must prove herself to them in the battles against the Sainnites. The bond between her and Karis remains however, no matter how far apart they are. As the book continues, the mysteries surrounding Karis and the political games unravel. I don't wish to turn this into a spoiler, so I will stop here.

The book is a very good read. A tale of politics, war, self discovery and friendship. In my opinion, the world and characters that the author has created are very original and I would recommend that you pick this one up.

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