Voyage of the Fox Rider by Dennis McKiernan

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Book Information  
AuthorDennis McKiernan
TitleVoyage of the Fox Rider
SeriesMithgar Novels
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by plblair 
(Jun 23, 2010)

Pixies, wizards and more of the elf, Aragon, that I first met in "Eye of the Hunter": What's not to love about this book? McKiernan is reminescent of Tolkien, but he brings his own viewpoint to the table.
McKiernan overdoes (at least for this reader) some of the dialect, and not being a seafaring type person, I glossed over some of his descriptions of tending the ship. However, these are minor complaints about a thoroughly good story, one that held me from start to finish.
I've read every one of McKiernan's Mithgar books. Like the ones that preceded it, "Voyage" just made me want more.

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