Sword Across Time by Catherine Anne Collins

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Book Information  
AuthorCatherine Anne Collins
TitleSword Across Time
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(Mar 28, 2005)

Long ago:

Merlin (the Magician) and Nimue (Lady of the Lake) were once friends and lovers. Merlin became the guardian and mentor for five-year-old Arthur. Arthur was taught all he needed for his future position as King. Nimue resided in the magical realm called Avalon and guarded the Sword Excalibur. The two powerful beings trusted and relied on each other. But Nimue came to fear that Merlin would forget the Old Ways. More and more people were turning to a different religion. Merlin felt that Nimue kept her mind closed to changes and compromises. Thus it was easy for Morganna to subtly turn them against one another. Each believed that the other had betrayed them. It resulted in a Wizards' Duel. Neither Merlin, nor Nimue, won. They were evenly matched. Nimue cursed Merlin's descendants to suffer at the hands of their greed and lust for power. Merlin cursed Nimue's descendants to search for love and never find fulfillment. When the heavens fall into the same alinement again, the two will return to continue the battle for Avalon.

Present Day:

Tamara Camden was a reporter who did not believe in witches and magic. Her mother, Diana, is known far and wide as the local witch though. Diana never tried to push her own beliefs on Tamara ... until the day Tamara found Nimue's journal in the attic. Only then did Diana tell Tamara about the legend and the family curse. And the heavens would be in the correct alinement again within the next month, during "The Ceremony of the Stars". Tamara believes none of it, of course. When her boss calls her shortly afterward, he tells her that she is to travel to Glastonbury, England, to do a story on the upcoming "Ceremony of the Stars" Tamara believes it to be coincidence. But seeing Diana's very real fear, she promises to read the diary with an open mind as she flies to England.

Gavin Calder owns a detective agency in Bristol. He has recently found out that he was a descendent of Merlin. He took Merlin's journal to his good friend Mac, who owns a book store, to find out how old it is. Mac is very wise and did not believe in coincidence. As he did his research, Tamara walks in with another powerful journal.

For the first time in about three hundred years, the heavens are arranged correctly. The magic of Merlin and Nimue almost crackles audibly in the air. Another Wizards' Duel is about to begin. However, there is another source of magic in the air, a dark, evil magic. Morganna has long bided her time. With the help of a demon and two mortal pawns, she seeks to destroy Merlin and Nimue. Then she will be immortal and free to reign supreme with the Sword Excalibur.

**** There is no shorter way I could see to write the synopsis for this book and still relay all the reader needs to know to understand exactly what is going on. There are a few sections that go a bit slow, but the action is arranged in a way that will hold your attention throughout the story. All fans of Merlin, the Lady of the Lake, and anything to do with King Arthur, will be utterly delighted in this magical tale brought to life in a way that only Catherine Anne Collins can do. If you do not believe in magic, you just may by the time you finish this novel. Beautiful! ****

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