The Scepter Returns by Dan Chernenko

  (5 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorDan Chernenko
TitleThe Scepter Returns
SeriesThe Scepter of Mercy
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Troy 
(Apr 17, 2006)

First off I'd like to say that I enjoyed reading these first two novels of The Sceptor of Mercy triology. The plot, characters, and the world he created are pretty well put together. I especially like the world of midevil times with castles and such that he created.

However, even though the book is good and pretty easy to read, I find myself wishing that the dialogue was a little better at times. Too often he writes things like, "he said," or, "and then he said," And, it just takes away from the dialogue of the story. Its kind of choppy sometimes. But, due to the fantastic storyline, characters, and other aspects of the book that I like, it's pretty easy to get past that.

I recommend anyone who likes alternative historical fantasy books, or just fantasies in general to read these books.

Submitted by Rob Roy 
(Mar 10, 2005)

This was a great book. All the events of the previous two came together in this volume. The pacing was great with a lot of action going on. I really like the way Chernenko writes his characters, indepth and realistic. I kind of figured out how exactly the scepter would be returned, but not how exactly they would get within reach of it. I didn't quite expect what happened after it that though. Lanius finally gets his due. I had always felt sorry for him since the second he came into existence. I was glad at the end that he got what was comming to him. Grus was a character that I liked, but did not like. In a way he helped Lanius become what he had become and many things would not have happened if he were not in the postition he was in. Still I did not like how he had treated Lanius through the first two books and had a hard time really liking him. If I hadn't liked the Lanius character so much, I think I would have liked him more. The end of the trilogy left no real cliff hanger, but the possibility for further books in this world is there. Be it events before or after this trilogy. As I stated earlier, I just love the way Chernenko writes and crafts his world and characters. I will certainly purchase any other book he writes. Great stuff.

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