The Paradise Snare by A.C. Crispin

  (6 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorA.C. Crispin
TitleThe Paradise Snare
SeriesThe Han Solo Trilogy
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Brad Kaufman 
(Apr 02, 2005)

I bought this book because I want to read all of the books in the Star Wars universe. After reading a few others I didn't really have high expectations for this book, as some of the older books in this series aren't all that good, i.e. Splinter of the Mind's Eye. I was, however, pleasantly mistaken; not by the depth of the content, but by the quality of the story itself. The pace was quick and steady, no places where it got bogged down by description. All of the action was believable, and I didn't even mind the romantic theme. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to get some insight into the Han Solo character.

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