For the Love of Mother-Not by Alan Dean Foster

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Book Information  
AuthorAlan Dean Foster
TitleFor the Love of Mother-Not
SeriesPip and Flinx Adventures
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Anonymous 
(Apr 14, 2005)

This book is something that I just happened to run acrossed at the local library and I found it to be quite satisfying to a young sci-fi addict. It takes about eight years of a little orphaned redhead named Flinx(goes from eight years old to 16)and it tells about how he comes from the auction block to the custody of one Mother Mastiff and finds his one true friend, a mini dragon he calls Pip. The story takes some unexpected turns from Flinx turning from interested street rat to a detective for finding his kidnapped "parent" to finding that he is a science project and that the government is out to find and "fix" his abnormalities. It's a great book and it's the begining of a whole new world of Mr. Foster.

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