Ice Tomb by Deborah Jackson

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Book Information  
AuthorDeborah Jackson
TitleIce Tomb
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Noreen Kruzich Violetta 
(May 22, 2005)

ICE TOMB (review by Noreen Kruzich Violetta -- "Independently Reviewed"-Canada)
By Deborah Jackson (The Invisible College Press ISBN 1-931468-19-2; $24.95 u.s.)

A gripping page-turner for sci-fi buffs. But others just may be converted after reading this debut novel from Ottawa’s Deborah Jackson.

From the bone-chilling ice caps of Antarctica to the strange ecosystem on the moon, Jackson takes the reader on a whirlwind ride that includes ancient earth mysteries and futuristic technology tossed in with a sensual interlude and a jaded romance. Jackson’s characters move through this novel like a thunder storm on a hot afternoon—fast, powerful and captivating.

“…It wasn’t until strange things started happening down here that NASA and the Pentagon became interested in those coordinates.”

“Strange as in thermal activity or strange as in people disappearing?”

Erica Daniels heads up a scientific investigation, which leads to some unexpected findings and a surprise finale.

Jackson has researched well for this one; too bad the publishers didn’t do the same, placing a polar bear in a purposed Antarctic landscape on the cover! Ah—well! Go with the old adage; “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This one’s worth opening up!

Submitted by Harriet klausner 
(May 11, 2005)

In 2015, volcanologist Erica Daniels believes she will be named as the crater impact specialist on NASA’s mission to establish moon base. To her chagrin, her bitter rival David Marsh, who stole her thesis when they were academic lovers, gets the assignment.

However, Dr. Albert of NASA offers Erica a different project where he believes her expertise is badly needed. In Antarctica, a hotspot inside the ice has been found and investigated by scientists at the McMurdo Station, several are missing and apparently dead; global warming has been ruled out as the heating seems to come from a machine that one of the doomed scientists claimed is similar to a gigantic MRI. Accompanying Erica on this quest is archeologist, Allan Rocheford, who plans to prove Atlantis existed, but he is also know for selling his finds to the highest bidder. Erica’s mission is to learn how big a threat to the world that recently included China as a member of the growing democracy club is this phenomena.

ICE TOMB is a terrific science fiction that works on several levels because the scientists seem real as jealousy, intellectual thievery and ambition get in the way of solid research. The story line is fast-paced with aggressive Erica bullying everyone in sight providing much of the first person perspective. At times the plot switches to David on the moon. This occurs especially when he knows he must face the lioness he betrayed for her opinion on what he as found. Readers will enjoy this strong thriller.

Harriet Klausner

Submitted by Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews 
(Apr 10, 2005)

The year is 2015. Volcanologist Erica Daniels goes to a conference in Houston. She hopes it is for NASA to give her a position on the moon base program as an impact specialist. Instead, the choice position is given to her nemesis, David Marsh. By stealing Erica's thesis, he had guaranteed himself of the position that Erica had long coveted.

NASA sends Erica to Antarctica, where a hotspot has been found under the ice. They informed her of the thermal signature, but did not see fit to notify her that she is not part of the first group of scientists to investigate. Erica meets the famous archeologist, Allan Rocheford, en route. He is out to prove the Atlantis myth to be true and that the hot anomaly is part of the fabled city (that he believes to be located under the ice.)

Once in Antarctica Erica meets their guide, Cathy Jones. Her boyfriend, Jimmy, had been part of the previous team that disappeared while investigating the hotspot. The last thing Cathy had heard from Jimmy and his team had been over the COMM. The team mentioned finding dead bodies and then a lot of screaming had been heard before static took over. Erica must find out what happened to her fellow scientists and just what is going on beneath the ice. The survival of the human race could depend on it. But to do so, Erica will have to join forces with the man she hates. She must work with David, who is on the moon and witnessing some incredible things as well.

**** As I began reading this novel I had flashbacks to the beginning of the movie "Alien VS Predator". Same hotspot far under the ice in Antarctica with a possible pyramid. However, that is the ONLY thing this novel has in common with that movie. The story mainly follows Erica and the reader sees everything happen from her point of view. However, it switches to David on the moon a few times and the reader follows him. He makes some startling discoveries as well.

It is obvious that the author did some serious research on a variety of topics in order to complete this story. The result is a wonderful piece of sci-fi that will stretch your imagination beyond its limits. Here is an author to keep your eye on! ****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.

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