Jimmy the Hand by Raymond E. Feist

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Book Information  
AuthorRaymond E. Feist
TitleJimmy the Hand
SeriesLegends/Tales of the Riftwar
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Jonny 
(Sep 16, 2005)

As a semi-dedicated Feist fan (I read the Riftwar saga) I expected an absoloute masterpiece, delving once more into the goings on in Midkemia, following the loveable rogue Jimmy The Hand, bearing witness to his many adventures throughout this fantastic setting and catching glimpses of several other favourites. However, and it pains me to say this, I was immensely disappointed. This book could have been set anywhere, even 17th Century England if it wasn't for the few slight references to magical instruments, and lacked any real structure, as though Feist has rushed the book to please the publisher, or has published a set of notes he has made on the events through which Jimmy the Hand went through prior to meeting up with Prince Arutha again.
Without wanting to give away too much detail, (you may as well read it for yourself to form an opinion)this book somewhat resembles a fairy tale, with its kidnapped children and heroic rescues. Still, with respect to Feist, it does at least provide more knowledge as to what Jimmy did after aiding Prince Arutha and Princess Anita to leave Krondor, which for the dedicated Midkemia addict, will be satisfying enough.
Don't let this book put you off reading Feist's other work, and certainly do not read it unless you have read the Riftwar saga (Magician, Silverthorn and A Darkness At Sethanon) as it will undoubtedly leave you feeling confused and could possibly put you off reading more of the legendary writer's work.
It is by no means a terrible book, it just lacks a strong storyline and the magic and characters of Midkemia that Feist readers love so very much.

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