The She by Carol Plum-Ucci

  (74 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorCarol Plum-Ucci
TitleThe She
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
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(Jan 08, 2008)

Carol Plum-Ucci nails the perfect realistic fiction novel with The She. The characters in this story are so spell binding and honest. The teenage Evan Barrett, having to face his demons, to find the truth about his long-dead parents. Emmett Barrett, the logical one, being forced to rethink everything he thought he knew. And Grey Shailey, a tough and misunderstood girl who ends up helping Evan as much as he helped her. Plum-Ucci not only tells a story in which to entertain, she weaves a tale in which the reader never wants to leave. She takes an old folk-tale of a hideous sea hag, terrorizing the ships that dare to cross her lair and turns it into a believable and mysterious woman revealing her power and claiming lovers to tame her jealousy. This book makes you question everything, it forces you to open your mind to possibilities that are often excused without a second thought. It makes you realize that there doesn't always have to be a scientific explanation to make something true for you. I would recommend this book to anyone open-minded enough to enjoy this story for all that it is.

Submitted by Taylor N. 
(Sep 30, 2005)

A twisting book that will grab readers and not let go... With its stimulating journey it hardly allows readers a instant to take a breath.

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