Birth of Darkness by Mark T. Smith

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Book Information  
AuthorMark T. Smith
TitleBirth of Darkness
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Terri Roe 
(May 11, 2005)

This novel is the first in a three part series, and introduces us to several interesting characters. The lead hero is Auryn, he was scientifically engineered to be an immortal and has spent hundreds of years building and protecting an Empire composed of refugees from Earth. This story is intensely interesting and enthralling. It is very difficult to describe that happens in the book without giving too much away. Auryn and his closest friends are fighting to stop an invasion of the Empire from an unknown source. Helped out by alien creatures and plotted against by the same, these braves men and women have to face their pasts in order to insure the future. The authors use of strong female charachters and loveable aliens is very refreshing. All the characters are realistic and believable. The author has an incredible eye for detail and especially creates fantastic space battles. The plot of this book twistes and turns just enough that you don't want to put it down while also allowing the reader to follow along without being confused. The only frustration is that the first few chapters aren't really explained until later in the book. I did not find this to be so bad though that I didn't want to continue reading, it was only mildly confusing. By the time I got to the second chapter I couldn't stop reading if I had too. (I finished it in less than 2 days.) So the real frustration for me lays in the fact that the second book will not be published until the first of next year, 2006. Over all Birth of Darkness is a well written and interesting book that I am more than happy to recommend to anyone looking for new authors within the SciFi genre. The only thing I might add is that because this book is published through an independant publisher, Amber Dragon publishing, it was a little difficult to find. I bought mine directly from the publisher online. But I believe it can also be obtained through the UK version of Amazon.

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