Warriors: A Dangerous Path by Erin Hunter

  (87 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorErin Hunter
TitleWarriors: A Dangerous Path
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Fire Star 
(Oct 09, 2009)


I love this book no joke. But the way Erin says it it does make you feel like your standing there. I feel sad though that Bluestar the greatest cat in the forest died. Im glad Fireheart became Firestar but I still miss Bluestar. And in the last book how Yellowfang died she was awesome. Poor thunderclan getting destroyed and killed 1 by 1 its sad but I love the book!

Submitted by Sand Storm 
(Jan 12, 2006)

WOW! I honestly am amazed at this wonderful book! I grieve for Blue Star very much. You get amazed at how well you bond to many other cats. I even started sobbing once I read that the beloved cat died. I feel for Fire Star and Blue Star's own cats. This book makes you feel like you are standing there watching the dreadful dogs attack the Thunder Clan's cats. Many will enjoy this amazing book. I now look at cats a different way and love them.

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