Origins by Cate Tiernan

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AuthorCate Tiernan
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Submitted by Giselle 
(Sep 05, 2007)

I love this book in particular of the whole series of wicca. I love the language being used in it. It's such a great way of setting the scene in the what?...1600's?

Basically this book is about morgan's ancestor rose mcewan and how she created the dark wave. i cannot really explain why i like it so much, i guess i just like history a lot, and value what people before us have been through.

Cate tiernan you are a ledgend, and have opened up the world of wicca to me. i am so interested in the religion and hope to one day (maybe) be able to practise to craft. i now value a lot more than i ever did and accept everyone as they are.

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