The Traveler by John Twelve Hawks

  (185 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorJohn Twelve Hawks
TitleThe Traveler
SeriesThe Fourth Realm
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by SHARVEY 
(Jan 22, 2010)

I had just finished reading Philip Pulman's "His Dark Materials" when I dicovered, on the Net, the reviews of "The Traveler".
I was impressed. Sufficiently impressed, to do the three mile walk, to the only branch, of our local librairies, which had a copy on its shelves. The book has proved to be worth the long walk.

After the six mile walk, three miles to the library, and three mile home, I settled down to read the book. It was diificult to put down.

Now, in the 91st year, of my long life, I look back on the steady loss, over the years, of our privacy. It was good to read, in what is a rather unusual book, from an author who clearly points out these losses.

As for the story I can only say read it.

Although it touches on Quantum Theory, I do not think it can be described as Science Fiction, The book is much more than that

As a long time traveller,over much of our world, I was astonished at the, American author's intimate knowledge of London, Prague, and the American cities portrayed


Submitted by rae Hamilton 
(Jan 26, 2007)

I'm hooked. John Twelve Hawks integrated international espionage with shamanism and took us into a labyrinth of what ifs. I love the idea of the Travelers being shaman witches and the Harlequins serving as their protectors. I identify with the character Maya, the lone warrioress," as she plays out her role in this devious plot to stop humans from understanding the illusions of the "reality." Elements of Epics from our past. May the force be with JTH as her brings us a new trilogy with meaning, action, and suspense.

Submitted by Marker 
(Jan 16, 2007)

I rarely pick up a new author any more. But, I was looking for a good stress reliever and something fun after reading The Motorcycle Diaries. I must admit that the cover with its motorcycle rider was the first thing to catch my attention, so good marketing there. Luckily, inside was an actual treat with some depth beyond the cloak and dagger. I didn't mind and actually enjoyed the buddhist influences I saw throughout the book. I expect this will be built upon in the future books. I admit to actually staying up way to late to finish this as the action built to the conclusion. Haven't done that in probably thirty some years. I did wince a bit at a few of the obvious expected outcomes, but overall ready to read the next one and see what happens. Hope it's as much fun.

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