The Sword of Angels by John Marco

  (33 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorJohn Marco
TitleThe Sword of Angels
SeriesThe Bronze Knight Chronicles
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Jc 
(Jun 09, 2013)

I couldn\'t put this book down. More than once \"The Sword of Angels\" brought tears to my eyes while I hung on every word. I wish tales of Lukien and Gilwyn would go on forever. There are moments I despise trilogies and yet my own mind plays out Gilwyn raising and teaching Poppie to dance while swinging Lukien\'s sword when he finally goes to Cassandra. There is a new generation of Inhumans to raise. I would love to see Gilwyn and Lukien go on for another trilogy at the very least!All three books were excellent. A definite recommended read.

Submitted by Jacqueline 
(Oct 14, 2006)

This great book is by far the best book I have ever read, I fell in love with it in the very first page of the first chapter. The Sword of Angels, makes you feel so many different emotions at once, I myself am writing a book now and if people like my book half as much as i loved this book and this series I will be very pleased. I look forward to seeing if John Marco writes anymore books because as soon as they come out in Australia I will be at the bookshop buying it. In conclusion all of Marco's books are the best I have ever read.

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