The Dark Mirror by Juliet Marillier

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Book Information  
AuthorJuliet Marillier
TitleThe Dark Mirror
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Harriet Klausner 
(Aug 24, 2005)

Young noble Bridei resides with powerful druid Broichan, who seems to be training the lad for some unknown intention that he fails to explain. Broichan treats the lad reasonably well and has earned Brideiís trust though the youngster would like to more about his past before coming here because he has no memory of it and he wonders what the Druidís plans are for him.

On Midwinter Eve Bridei finds an abandoned infant on their doorstep. Since the baby apparently comes from the fairie realm, Broichan wants to kill it as any trafficking with the wee folks, even with good intentions, usually mean trouble. Bridei persuades Broichan to let the child live with them. Over the years the wild child Tuala becomes a beautiful woman, who the studious Bridei desires, but Broichan fears she will prove to be the doom of his apprentice slated to one day unite the divided land under the one king.

THE DARK MIRROR is a deep pre-Celtic Scottish romantic fantasy. The cast is wonderful as opposites Tuala and Bridei fall in love while his mentor fears their relationship will lead to tragedy for his student and catastrophe for the people waiting for the one king to surface. This spellbinding tale is filled with strong characterizations and vivid descriptions of the era interwoven within a story line that contains plenty of action and can stand alone though trouble seems on the horizon in the next Bridei Chronicle for the hero and his beloved.

Harriet klausner

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