Something from the Nightside by Simon Green

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Book Information  
AuthorSimon Green
TitleSomething from the Nightside
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Norm 
(May 13, 2006)

Setting: London, and parallel dimension known as The Nightside

Time: Present Day

Characters: John Taylor, Private Investigator; Joanna Barrett, wealthy client

Style: noir-mythical detective novel

WARNINGS: liberal profanity, gratuitus violence, and mature situations

John Taylor is a banished private detective from what is called Nightside. It is the dark twin of London, sitting just outside our own universe, where all the wild things are. He lived a brutal youth in the Nightside, all because of one great mystery that has haunted him from birth. Everyone there wants John dead, and now he has taken a case that will bring him back.

Green reveals a world where deamons and gods walk with mortals, all of them just looking for a good time. The best part is he describes this world with almost zen-like ease. He doesn't bash you over the head with detailing every little thing the characters experience. He is general without being vauge, allowing you to construct the world in your image. I can never get enough of these authors.

Green's Nightside will appeal to both young and old readers. He packs this story full of references to 60s and 70s London culture, referencing what I can only imagine is personal experience. Poor guy. The pop names fall in right next to the names of forgotten legends and gods. At first catching all of these references is a little tricky, but Green does a good job of easing you into it.

Don't worry about all of the unanswered questions; if it's important, Green gets around to it. After all this is a detective story. It's a super quick read and a fun read.

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