Flight of the Nighthawks: Darkwar by Raymond E. Feist

  (26 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorRaymond E. Feist
TitleFlight of the Nighthawks: Darkwar
SeriesConclave of Shadows
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Mark O\'Sullivan 
(Dec 20, 2005)


One word that sums this whole book. It cost me 25.The problems started there.For that price I want to good long read.This book didn't provide that.It was far to short.It felt like Feist was just publishing this as a filler.

The whole story was with substance.You never got the feeling of impending doom you get with it his great works.During the whole book you never really felt the conclave were in trouble.You KNEW they would prevail.It his other books (serpentwar for example) you would always think "Christ how are they going to get out of this one"?

The story was nothing new:

Heros from the Kingdom want to flush out the nighthawks = SILVERTORN AND KRONDER: ASSASIANS.

Trouble with the Keshians nobles = PRINCE OF THE BLOOD.

It seems to me that Feist just wants to make a quick buck my publishing a half written book.This is quite dissapointing really.

I have bough every single one of Feist's books.Some amazing but all are brilliant.This is a black mark on an otherwise untarnished reputation as the one of the masters of Fantasy.

Submitted by Matthew Guilfoyle 
(Nov 10, 2005)

What can I say about Mr feist's latest offering? Well, I would like to say excellent,exciting,real edge of your seat reading but unfortunately this would be a grave mis-representation.
This almost seems like a filler. We are introduced to several new characters but these seem to lack the depth that for me has always been a major part of any novel by Raymond E Feist. Two of these appear out of more or less nowhere,one from the other side of the world who for reasons best known to himself decides to throw in his lot with the conclave without getting the full story. The other seems to be a vessel for a minute piece of the mad god who they are opposing but some how his lifelong impulses to murder, maim and kill are amazingly subdued by Nakor.
We see very little of the characters of Talwin or Kaspar which seems somewhat strange in the light of the last three books.
My personal feeling is that this book is comparable with Prince of The Blood which also took place in Kesh and is possibly the least read book in my collection. I think this one may be joining it.
The ending is somewhat comedic but the idea that we may be going back to kelewan and the Empire of Tsuranuanni is exciting.

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