A Malady of Magicks by Craig Shaw Gardner

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Book Information  
AuthorCraig Shaw Gardner
TitleA Malady of Magicks
SeriesThe Ebenezum Trilogy
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Daniella 
(Oct 03, 2005)

"A Malady of Magicks" is a hilariously ridiculous tale about a great and overly clever wizard named Ebenezum who becomes allergic to magic. When a tax collecter detecter spell went wrong and instead summoned Guxx Unfufadoo the rhyming demon, Ebenezum and his apprentice Wuntvor are catapulted into a series of misadventures. Since a wizard cursed into sneezing fits when casting spells or around magic will quickly get into trouble, he must depend on the incredibely bumbling (yet lucky) Wuntvor for magical protection while searching for a cure.
Wuntvor idolizes Ebenezum and desprately wants to be as great a wizard as he. Having his master in magic depend on him seems like a great opertunity to prove himself. Unfortunately, summoning rains of butterflies and dead fish instead of fire balls when attacked by invading demons and the armies of disgruntaled clients isn't always an effective idea. Luckily for Wuntvor, there is a tap dancing dragon, a cheated doomed assassin, and a cruised truth-telling demon to help him out. The laughs never stop in this first book in this uproarious fantasy series.

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