Knife of Dreams by Robert Jordan

  (90 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorRobert Jordan
TitleKnife of Dreams
SeriesWheel of Time, The
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Charles Clark 
(Mar 06, 2011)

An excellent book! After reading COT and when I heard KOD was coming out I was prepared to be a little disappointed but boy was I pleased with KOD!

Not only is there alot of action and battles in this book but a few long running plotlines are resolved involving Perrin, Mat, and Elayne. Reading about Egwenes struggles in the white tower was exciting and there are a few other character povs that kept me interested as well. It was also good reading about Rand and we saw a little more of him in this book than in COT. Something terrible happens to Rand that I wish did not happen but the wheel turns. I am hoping that Rand will receive some healing in some of the later books yet as long as he beats the Dark One and wins the last battle that is the important thing right?

To sum it up KOD was a great book and after reading this book and later reading TGS you can tell that the series is back on track and BS knows what he is doing! I sure hope that TOM and AMOL are just as great books! I would recommend this series to anybody who loves epic fantasy!

Submitted by AFR 
(Apr 16, 2009)

Knife of Dreams was one of the best books in an excellent series. I have enjoyed Robert Jordan's writings since I was nine years of age, and have not been let down yet. Though his characters can tend to be a little one sided (mostly the women), his lands and story are so real, it feels as though I can leave my house, and go west to Toman Head, or East to the Aiel Waste.
Knife of Dreams followed a book that was often considered to be slightly less than excellent. Crossroads of Twilight was a long and drawn out, the characters fulfilling little. Mat in particular received a good portion of the time when he only managed to move about five miles out of the city. It ended with an unexpected twist, that be having Egwene being captured by the opposing Aes Sedai.
Knife of Dreams had to pick up the angry void that was left after the end of book 10. Many people were discontent with where they were left off. Jordan filled this quite well. He added many interesting new twists, along with more on Rand. Lews Therin taking over Randís body in order to fight off the army of trollocs was exciting. Matís marriage was unexpected. Egweneís support within the tower was gratifying. And the capture of Semirhage and loss of Randís hand was shocking.
All in all, this is one of the best books I have ever read. Maybe one of the best written.

Submitted by DragonReader 
(Jan 19, 2006)

In my opinion the 11th book in the Wheel of Time series goes a long way to getting the series back on track. Jordan has begun to wrap up many of the story lines and by the end of the book I really felt like the world was on the edge of the last battle.

Having said that there were still some slow parts. Jordan, while an excellent writer, tends to be long winded and heavily descriptive. I like this style, but at times Jordan takes it a bit to far.

I have been a fan of the entire series, althought in the last few books very little seemed to be happening. But that changed in this book. As mentioned a number of the story lines which seemed to stagnate for the last few books were wrapped up, there was more action, and the characters seemed reinvigorated this time (plus my favorite character in the series--Mat Cauthon--was featured heavily in this book).

Like a chess game, Jordan seems to be maneuvering his characters and story toward the last battle. I am not sure he can do it in one more book (unless it is the 2000 page book he has joked about at some signings) but he is definately back on track.

I have always thought Jordan's character interesting and the story seems to be moving again so I would definately recommend this book to fans of the series. But if you don't like his long-winded style then you probably won't like this book.

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