A Faerie Ring by Michael Honeth

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AuthorMichael Honeth
TitleA Faerie Ring
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(Nov 07, 2005)

A Faerie Ring is romantic fantasy novel. It is a contemporary fairy tale for adults and young adults.

Elantra is born in the caul, giving her a special connection with the world of fairies. She learns that she is destined to save the earth from a final conflict between humans, fairies and trolls. Villi is a troll changeling who accepts a mission to destroy Elantra in return for recognition, but he is soon torn between his desire for acceptance and his love for the beautiful Elantra. Intrigue and deceipt grow as the relationship between the two develops, only to be exposed by strangers.

Elantra tries to find true love in a broken relationship, for it is this love that will conquer all. Trolls, fairies and humans come together in a final conflict in the Black Forest, where Elantra puts her lessons to the test.

The book hides a twist, however. Through careful use of names and wording, the book can be re-read as a continuation of the first reading, where the characters shift a generation. Re-reading A Faerie Ring this way answers questions that appear to have been omitted at first. Apart from the obvious clue of the book’s name, the author encourages the reader to closer inspection by linking the first and last chapters.

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