Straken by Terry Brooks

  (9 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorTerry Brooks
SeriesHigh Druid of Shannara
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Valerie 
(Mar 09, 2009)

I enjoyed the Shannara series so far from the First King of Shannara to the High Druids of Shannara. I got almost all of the series I have about 7 to eight more to go. The one book I kinda did not like the ending was the High Druids of Shannara (Straken). Grianne Ohmsford did not get a chance to find peace within her family. None of the Druids from Bremen, Allanon, Walker, did not find true love and happiness. At least one of the Druids should have had an Ohmsford child but none did. To have Grianne turned into a spirit. I know at some point the Ohmsford had to be replaced, you did that when you gave Bek the last name of Rowe. There are always descendants in family. Therefore the Ohmsford did not have to replaced. Then all of a sudden Quintin Leah is dead none with family that are left. I hated because the Druids did not get a chance to have a family no matter how powerful at least that is one thing that most people want is a family. Otherwise the book was good. Weka Dart should have been allowed to pass over into a new world. He would have made a good tracker if needed be.

Submitted by david 
(Oct 14, 2006)

I thought this book was a great book because it gave detail. Like when Pen save his Aunt Grianne and the creature with them runs away instead of having a chance of giting into their world. Or how it says how the runes danced on the staff. I could really see and picture that. But the one thing that i did not like about this book was that the book rushed to much. Like Terry Brooks tried to get the book done and didn't make it clear so that a 7th grader like me couldn't understand it. I thought this book was great and would recomend this book to people in 8th grade and up. Plus I would like it if people read the other 2 books first. They are Jarka Ruus and Tanequil also by Terry Brooks. Thank you.

Submitted by Patrick 
(Dec 23, 2005)

I've been reading Terry Brooks for a long time, and every time another Shannara novel, I'm impressed. I just couldn't put this one down (or, for that matter, any other books in this series).

My only complaint would be that the ending was a little rushed. Nevertheless, this seems to be Terry's style, and it wasn't much to complain about.

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