Designated Targets by John Birmingham

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Book Information  
AuthorJohn Birmingham
TitleDesignated Targets
SeriesAxis of Time
GenreScience Fiction
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Barrie Bolitho 
(Jan 23, 2006)

This Book continues the promise of interest, and excitement of Weapons Of Choice.
Designated Targets, concerns a modern day, Multi National Task Force, that finds itself thrust back in time, to 1942. Caught in a Quantum experiment gone horribly wrong, the men and women of the Task Force find themselves caught in a World that to them is just History, but now they are a part of it.

This,the second book in this Trilogy of future War,continues with its strong themes, and its quite remarkable focus on the interaction between the Men and Women of the 1940s, and their counterparts in the modern day Task Force.
There has been much written on alternate futures, but this scenario stands on its own merits. Its well written, well researched, and a well told tale.
The Author displays a sure knowlege of modern day Weapons and Technology that is both believable, and is based on solid fact.
Most of the weaponry decribed, is already available, either in theory, or in test. This is alternate History, not Science Fiction.

To me, the real strength of this book, is the human interaction between 2 different peoples. Those of 1942, and those of 2021.
It is quite a cultural clash, in which the Female Captain of an Australian Submarine aquits hersel admirably.

The Author has the ability to both shock, and entertain.
He certainly knows his history, and I find myself quite absorbed in the World he has created.
His touch with the Human aspect of the story is deft, and very believable.

To really do justice to this well told tale, it is best to read the first book in this Trilogy, before losing yourself in the current Volume.

As for me, Im waiting for the third Volume with great anticipation.

If you have a taste for this style of story, then this is not to be missed.

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