Cell by Stephen King

  (15 ratings)

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AuthorStephen King
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Submitted by Aaron 
(Jan 16, 2007)

This is a return to form for King. After finishing up the long and daunting Dark Tower we see that he's gone back to his roots to give us a juiced up horror book. Which why not? The man is known for horror and I can't think of anything better.

This novel starts out with a bang. Everything goes crazy in the first chapter and we have "pbonies" as they are called. Something happens with the cells phones and those that were using them have had there minds suddenly erased.

I would say that one of the draw backs to this novel is that it's a kinda shorter version of The Stand. Which was post-apocalyptic in nature and in tone. The whole end of the world type stuff. Yet, with 9/11 happening what is to say that someone couldn't or would want to do that to us and erase our minds? The exact what happen is never solved and I don't think King wanted to solve it. Sometimes leaving things to people's imaginations is more horrific then any writer or director of film can show. Had he'd come up with it it may have just been corny or not that scary.

Though for the good and the bad. I still give it a thumbs up. It's Stephen King doing what only Stephen King does. Write horror stories that scare the living crap out of you. And, in this book there is definetly some creepy scary moments. So if your a new reader or been wanting to take a spin with King. This isn't a bad book. If you were disappointed with Dark Tower series and don't mind that we may as readers been through this partially why don't you come on board....the train's just leaving the station.

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