Beguiled by Alice Borchardt

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Book Information  
AuthorAlice Borchardt
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Wilsa 
(Jan 25, 2006)

As in keeping with her impeccable style of writing Alice has once again drawn us into her wonderful, imaginary world (which may be less imaginary and closer to the way things may have actually been then). Alice has skills not just for writing, of those she abounds with, but also for knowing humanity. She is able to see to the heart of what man is, and for that matter what woman is as well. She sees not just our basest desires and needs, which she comprehends and writes faultlessly, but more importantly the essence of humanity , our soul. Alice is able to create chracters that are so real, so individually vibrant, that you are just as interested (and sometimes more)in the minor characters as you are in the main characters. Beguiled continues the saga of Owen and Elin, the two protagonists we met in Devoted, and introduces us to a an insightful new point of view, that of Hakon and Elspeth. With them being the antagonists they are in this saga this is an exquisite twist. With this added perspective we are truly able to see Mrs. Borchardts' acuity in relaying the human struggle from many different points of view. We not only feel for Owen and Elin, whose struggle aginst evil and stacked odds we readers picked up as our own in the first installment, we now also yearn with Elspeth for a new and frightening love and the safety of all she holds dear and we strive with Hakon as he tries to build something intangible with his hands and heart. We now want both sides to win! How is that possible? Alice makes it possible. She is something akin to those Celtic Bards of ancient Hibernia, Alba, and Gaul, able to literally transport the listeners with their music and their words, however Mrs. Borchardt does it with lyrical words alone. I suggest this book and the several other books she's written. If Alice Borchardts' name is on it, it's worth picking up and reading, most likely a dozen times or more! Enjoy!

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