Phantom by Terry Goodkind

  (40 ratings)

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Book Information  
AuthorTerry Goodkind
SeriesChainfire Trilogy
Book Reviews / Comments (submitted by readers)
Submitted by Caatje 
(Jan 11, 2007)

I have read all books by Terry Goodkind in my own language (Dutch) and the original versions.

I expected a lot from this book but was a little disappointed that this was not the end of the Chainfire part. The first books were high paced and if you read them the characters "pop-up" from the pages and you may "see" them enact the books. This book, to me, did not do that. That the horrors from the Order were described on so many pages might be necessary to tell the folks, that has not read any of the other books prior to this one, that the Order are the bad guys but for the fans it was not necessary. We know what the Order is, we have been told over and over again! I really like the buildup with the characters and I watch them grow with every book. My personal favorites are Zed and Nicci. The latter has made the most progression in the series. Zed is just plain fun with a serious twist.
I cannot wait to see these books made into movies. But what a job that will be not to disappoint all the readers.
Furthermore with the Dutch translation a lot of the wordjokes or wordplays have been lost or badly translated.
If you want to read this magnificent series start with number 1 and work your way to the latest.

Submitted by christian 
(Oct 21, 2006)

Well I've been a huge fan of the series; most of the books have been fantastic, some have been frustrating and less enjoyable.
I've been keen to see the resolution of the whole Jagang thing but consider the excellent characters and world capable of other adventures. STILL the Jagang and New Order continues, and Terry seems to be getting more political each time. I REALLY enjoyed Chainfire and could not wait for this one. Perhaps that anticipation was why i was so disappointed.
So much on the nasty Imperial Order - he seems to relish describing the horrors in excruciating detail, especially the abuse of women. This book really didn't progress the story in my mind, and seemed a rehash of many of his other books.
Just as things seem to be thundering towards a climax, this just stretches it out and leaves us hanging.
Got to say though, again I'm REALLY hanging out for the next (and final?) book.

Submitted by Michael Samuelson 
(Oct 14, 2006)

Much like the climax of a very good, long book, Terry Goodkind offers up this delicious dish in his second book of the "Chainfire" series. Unlike the first Chainfire book where Goodkind begins to manipulate you into thinking Kahlan never existed, he places a tortourous device of the plot not moving in the direction of the characters. Richard and Kahlan, two characters who any reader following the series, hold the heart wrenching scenes of the Imperial Order place upon them. Goodkind, which I'm sure was hard to write, went into terrible detail on what the Order's horrific tactics were to claim the world with fear. It seemed that Goodkind wanted to throw out these details to show the magnification of what evil the Order can be. We've gotten examples all through the series, but Goodkind seemed to focus on it more this time.
Aside from the torture and the evil of the Imperial Order, Goodkind places the characters in difficult situations that keeps you begging for more. Nicci was another great element in the story where Goodkind keeps you continuing to like her the more she presents her intelligence. But, as always, she was one step behind Richard which, somehow, takes you off guard how Goodkind makes Richard seems so intelligent which has always driven me to liking this wonderful main character.
Kahlan is in this book more than the first Chainfire book. Unlike the first book, where we are made to believe that Kahlan never existed, we follow Kahlan through a series of horrible events. Reading all these events happening to Kahlan, it makes you want to scream at the book for doing such a thing to one of your favorite characters. Goodkind hasn't brought such a feeling since Faith of the Fallen in my reading experience. I remember, while reading the acts done to Kahlan, wanting to jump inside the story of the book and stop from whatever was happening and take her to Richard. The amazing talent that Goodkind has is allowing you that sigh of relief at the end of such a peaking moment.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who has read the series. DON'T read the book if you haven't followed the entire series. Yes, read nine books before you start with this one. You will not be disappointed if you read all the books in order for you will gain the attachment I have and feel the emotions build up when you read "Phantom." If the last installment is the final book of the series and also the conclusion of "Chaninfire", I can hardly wait to see what is in store for Richard and Kahlan.

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